Our Story

Our company was founded as Notations, Inc. in 1979. We manufacture under the Notations and the NY Collection labels as well as many private label names. Unlike other companies who contract out all their manufacturing and warehousing, we own our own factories, as well as a distribution center. Because of this ownership, we can control many areas that most clothing brands cannot. We can produce our garments with a much quicker turnaround time so we can get the latest and most popular styles out to our customers very quickly. Not only do we run a business, however.  We commit to contributing positively to upgrade the living standards of our employees as well as contribute to the betterment of the community.

Since our inception, we have been on an uncompromising mission: to help all women look and feel their best by offering them a wide range of stylish clothing at an incredible value. We operate on the premise that high-quality, well-designed clothing should be accessible to every woman.

NY Collection clothing is distinguished by using high-quality fabrics and fashion at affordable prices. We focus on delivering pieces that will delight every woman who wears them. We carefully select every piece of fabric and trim used in the design of our clothing to ensure that our customers get only the best when it comes to dressing with style. Our brand encompasses the femininity within every woman, emphasizing it in the most sublime way by showcasing their own fashion style and intriguing personality.